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What makes me different than other personal trainers?

As a professional trainer, I prefer to build a lasting relationship with my clients that will last throughout the years! I will teach and guide you through changes to achieve your health, wellness and overall body transformation. I will provide you with motivation, guidance, positive reinforcement and proper lifting technique to prevent injury.

  • Motivation- Sometimes clients need that extra push for their efforts. 
  • Guidance- Proper guidance and exercise form are critical to factors such as, increased metabolism, injury prevention, shedding fat, building muscle and proper nutrition.  
  • Positive Reinforcement - The key factor to success for clients starts with behavioral change. Increased physical activity and repetition will make you confident in your abilities.
  • Knowledge of Injury Prevention- Exercises may look easy, but if done incorrectly may lead to injury. I know specific fitness combinations that will avoid injury and if you have an injury, it can be worked around.

My specialties include the following:  Body Transformation/ Body Balancing/ Body Building/ Circuit Training/ Core Training/ Endurance/ Functional Training/ Interval Training/ Strength Training/ Contest Training/ Contest Prep/ TRX Suspension Training/ Bridal Prep/ Toning/ Stability Ball/ Health Wellness and Weight Management.

I offer personal training services in your home or in my private fitness studio in Crystal Lake, IL.

Nutrition Consultant

I am certified as a Nutritional Specialist through ISSA. Many clients specifically want nutritional assistance. Please contact me about pricing.

Specialist in Exercise Therapy

Offering services in exercise therapy. I am trained in helping people exercise correctly with injuries, or disabilities.